I'm a technical artist with a passion for creativity and technology with a particular interest in art and programming, specialising in volumetrics and shaders.  I am an open-minded individual with a broad base of technical skills including Unreal Engine, Houdini, Adobe Suite, as well as experience in gameplay programming, environment art and level design.
University of Gloucestershire:
MSc Game Development     (September 2022 - August 2023)

BSc Computer Games Design     (September 2019 - June 2022)
First Class with Honours

Portsmouth Grammar School:
A Levels     (September 2017 - June 2019)
Maths, Physics, Design Technology
COMX 2023:
Best Group Project Winner
Best Level 7 (Masters Student) Nominee
Best Programmer Nominee
Master of Game Development Nominee

COMX 2022:
Best Level 6 Nominee
Best Programmer Nominee

IBM Website Challenge 2015:
Winner - Portsmouth Grammar School
Software Experience:
Unreal Engine
~ 4 Years

3 Commercial Projects
Unreal Engine was not the games engine in use for students at my university on the Degree course.  I decided to take advantage of the time at home during the Covid-19 pandemic to start learning it and was instantly hooked.  I have spent the last few years exploring the engine and learning as much as possible about it’s capabilities.  Each prototype I have created has taught me a new aspect such as interfacing, writing optimized scripts/code and numerous other elements.  I was able to use Unreal Engine on my Masters course and have spent time creating shaders and materials using the Material Editor.
Unreal C++
~ 1.5 Years
1 Commercial Project
During the summer of 2022 I began using C++ within Unreal in a prototype project so that I could start learning the basics and since then I have continued to use C++ in every project I have taken on.  As a result I am now fluent in both Unreal C++ and Blueprints.
~ 1 Year
2 Commercial Projects
Learning to utilise Houdini for my assignments within my Masters in Game Development, I have since used Houdini in a commercial project for SideFX.
Adobe AfterFX
~ 6 Years
Adobe Substance
[Sampler & Painter]
~ 2 Years
Adobe Photoshop
~ 4 Years
I have used a wide variety of Adobe products throughout my career, predominantely 2D composition and graphics programs such as After Effects and Photoshop. However when I started studying at the University of Gloucestershire, I branched out into more specific programs such as Illustrator, Premiere and Rush. This was then followed by 3D and AR software such as Substance 3D Sampler and Substance 3D Painter.
Source Control/Project Management
[Github, HacknPlan, SourceTree]
~ 1-2 Years
Used various implementations of source control and project management tools, including Github, Sourcetree, HackNPlan, Unity Devops/PlasticSCM.
~3 Years | Rider
~1 Year
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