Project Pegasus is an in-house tech demo designed to use Houdini's procedural workflows to create an open world 3D environment that integrates with the latest technologies in Unreal Engine 5. As this project progresses, the tools and techniques created for this demo will be shared with the community as learning materials and downloadable content. 

As the only student of the project I worked on extending the capabilities of the native Volumetric Cloud System in Unreal Engine. Creating a system that enables artists to utilise Sparse Volume Textures within the volumetric cloud system. Allowing free transformation of cloud objects and formations within a level, true cloudscaping in real-time.
I then used Houdini 20's new cloud capabilities to create various types of clouds such as Cumulus, Cirrus, Stratus and more to create a cloudscape for the environment.
As part of the project I also worked on tutorial content to enable artists to learn about the new Houdini 20 Cloud tools, as well as the systems behind the real-time cloudscaping tool that was used in Project Pegasus.

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