Burger Zombies
Burger Zombies is an open world survival game set in a zombie apocalypse. Your main objective is to stop the zombies disrupting the delivery of burgers. The game was created in Unreal Engine and used a mixture of C++ and Blueprints.
As part of '7 Spoons', a small development team, I was Lead Programmer, Gameplay Programmer and sole Technical Artist for 'Burger Zombies'. I contributed to a large majoriy of the systems within the game, and my roles included gameplay programming, shaders, level design and systems design.
Burger Zombies was exhibited at Insomnia Gaming Festival 2023, and subsequently released on Steam.

Burger Zombies has recieved 'Best Group Project' award at COMX 2023, sponsored by the British Computer Society.

It was also on the shortlist for 'Creative Assembly Best Student Game' for a TIGA Award 2023.

Nexus Mountain
Unreal Engine Environment
Nexus Mountain is an environment art project created in Unreal Engine. Many tools were used to achieve the final result, majorly Houdini, Reality Capture, as well as the Substance Suite. Within this project I was limited to only using materials that I scouted for myself, which meant using photogrammetry as well as textures taken within the real world for all of the materials.

Within the centrepiece, the book was created using photogrammetry and Reality Capture, enabling very high levels of quality. All of the shaders within the centrepiece were made in Unreal's material editor.
The ground and rock textures were pictures taken of flat surfaces of mud, gravel or bark and then imported into Substance 3D Sampler, which I then used the toolset within Sampler to turn into a usable material, and occasionally apply some filters to add more variation and tweak them to fit my environment more.
The trees, rocks and foliage were made using Houdini's procedural generation toolkit. Much iteration was done on the foliage, although I hit a time limit and would have liked to have much more variations of trees within the scene.
Competitive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Map
Crossfire is a competitive map for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It was made using Valve's proprietary world building tool Hammer, although as Hammer was initially released in 1996 its age started to impact my efficiency. Therefore, during later stages of the project I switched a community made extension of this named Hammer++, which offered more standard features of today's game engines like real-time lighting within the editor and more.

I had to take into account many aspects when designing this map, and I went through an iterative process whilst testing to achieve a balanced map. This involved taking into account sight lines, one way angles, verticality, and competitive viability.
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